People’s Types in Bullion Market

Here are some of the classifications:

  1. End user/customer with deep pocket: will keep and generally won’t sell off their rare item. They will sell off some of their common bullion and bars first.
  2. Seller with little capital: Everything is for sale
  3. Seller with deep pocket cum collector: It seems that everything is for sales, what you don’t see for sales are for private collection. Whatever they put up for sale, they got at least 1-3 pcs left in their stockpile.
  4. Hoarder: These people will buy up all those limited items such as panda, silver wolf etc. They have the holding power but less time to do selling, so they will buy and hold it for 2-5 years, then resell bullion item as numismatic item. E.g. Buy Panda 2008 at RM100/oz in 2008, then resell at RM250/oz in 2012.

You decide what type of bullion people you want to be.



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