What is it?

A unique Dirham accumulation program that provides an attractive PROFIT SHARING and the option to LEVERAGE at high margins, with competitive financing chargers. This World Dirham Berhad (WDB) program is a World’s First.

We are:

UNIQUE – This is the only opportunity of this nature in the World

ACCUMULATION – Our aim is that all Malaysians hedge some of their hard earned cash into Dirham (Silver) to protect their cash against inflation

PROFIT SHARING – When you buy gold or Dirham(Silver), traditionally the investor does not get any yield from it and can only realize profit when the precious metal prices goes up. In World Dirham Berhad (WDB), we gives the investor a opportunity to get some yield through the minimum of work!

LEVERAGE -This is the “surprise” of the program! We work with a license money-lender so that the investor can buy more Dirham (Silver) on finance. As investor, you will have nett profit from tha profit share that will more than cover the financing charges

How does it work?

BUY – Buy 1 or more Dirhams (Silver) and receive PROFIT SHARING of up to 18% on the purchase price for 1 year!

LEVERAGE – Option to buy more with margin of finance 50% (leverage up to 100 times) of the value of Dirhams (Silver), to part-finance further purchases.

REDEEM – Redeem your partly fiances purchases, by repaying the principal amount at the end of the 1 year finance period.

Benefits if you start with us

>>Attractive returns of up to 18% for 1 year

>>Low initial outlay via innovative fiancing

>>Benefit from potential upside from Silver coin appreciating

>>Finance Company undertakes storage cost and authentication of the Dirhams

>>Make an attractive referral commission 9for qualified agents)


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